Diet Plan 2016

As I mentioned on my instagram, today I received Day 1 of my Nourishing Dubai meal plan. Nourishing Dubai is a paleo food service that helps heal the body. I spoke to the owner Jeff Zorn about my recent dilemma with my recovery and lack of sleep. And he suggested to give this a try.

I am aiming in December to test this out for a week, what I am looking for is a drop in my body fat percentage (at least 3%), drop in inflammation, better sleep, better recovery and performance. I have been on paleo diets before however, I have failed to have any type of portion control! All those nut butters are too YUM to pass!

For more information on Nourishing Dubai

The cost of the meal plan is quite pricey, but I am sure people pay that amount and more for all the fancy restaurants around Dubai! For a month it costs 5,250 and a 250 AED deposit on the cool bag.

I will update my status in two weeks time, when I notice any changes!

Until then, stay fit and healthy!

God bless

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